What Are The Common Factors To Develop Wrinkles?

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It is very common nowadays to find wrinkles and fine lines on the countenance of women with increasing ages. As the age advances, the facial skin of human beings starts losing its tension and lustre, while giving space to wrinkles, dark circle, foldedness and fine lines. But the number of women getting premature aged is surprisingly high and majority of them are having such facial skin problems. Although aging is a complete natural way of becoming older adults, there are a group of factors that help the biological aging process take place so quickly in several individuals. 

Smoking & Consuming Alcohol

Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol are highly detrimental to our body and skin development. Gradually they lead to severe health issues and deprive our body of essential nutrients. As far as facial skin is concerned, a healthy & youthful skin requires oxygen, collagen, elastin and hydration in certain quantity. A chain smoker or alcohol addicted person is bound to develop discoloration and fine lines all over her face. Smokers have deep wrinkles on forehead as well as fine lines around nose & mouth. The facial skin of heavy drinkers keeps getting discoloured over time. However, there is Memphis Botox treatment to get you rid of prominent wrinkles & embarrassing fine lines. 

Dietary Effect on Aging

The impact of processed food items on our body is huge. It becomes one of the mostly considered factors of premature aging. Maintaining a diet that contains refined sugar, fats, excessive dairy items, processed food, white flour etc and lacks fresh vegetables & fruits is likely to generate inflammation in your body and accelerate the aging process. With such unhealthy diet, your facial skin automatically leads to developing deep wrinkles & fine lines as you look older than your real age.

Obesity or Underweight

Putting on excessive weight or suffering from obesity can be another striking factor to cause wrinkles on your face. Obese people, when they age, are likely to be less energetic and this results in chronic health issues while the cycle of aging is repeated. On the contrary, being underweight sheds the normal amount of fats in one’s facial structure, thus enabling the skin to droop quickly and giving space to the emergence of wrinkles.

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