Different Types of Protective Face Masks or The Respiratory Masks

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With the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, one thing that is highly effective and useful are the protective mask. These masks are in high demand due to the global outbreak of novel coronavirus infection. Currently, due to this outbreak, every country has made it mandatory to use a protective face mask when you go out and are in contact with the public. Hence, the high demand.

N95 Protective masks are the most recommended model among the Covid19 Protective masks as their standards are top-notch. KN95 protective respiratory masks are also widely used. You can buy this variety of masks in large quantities from online vendors.

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Can KN95 Protective masks can be used instead of N95 Protective Masks?

N95 Protective Masks refer to the United States NIOSH Certification Standards. This mask can filter up to >=95% of Non-oily particles.

KN95 Protective Masks refer to the China GB2626 standards. GB means China standards and it refers to the >=95% for Non-oily particles.

Therefore, we can clearly understand that the actual effect of N95 and KN95 protective masks are the same. The non-oily particles filtration efficiency is >=95%, which is very effective in Covid-19 virus protection.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) says KN95 Protective masks are as effective as N95 Protective Masks. In case of shortage of epidemic prevention resources, KN95 protective masks can play the same protective role as N95 protective masks.

Other types of respiratory masks

There are several other protective masks models in addition to the most suitable N95 and KN95. Example, FFP3, FFP2, KF94, and KN90 masks.

The major difference between the mask types

Which respirator has the highest level of protection among these protective masks? The letters in front of each mask type represent the different national standards.

“N” series of protective masks represent the American NIOSH standards.

“KN” series of protective masks represent the Chinese standards.

“FFP” Series of the Protective masks represents the European Standards.

“KF” series of protective masks represent the Korean Standards.

The number after that refers to the filtration efficiency of the protective masks. For example, “95” means >=95% efficiency to filter out non-oily particles. So, the 90 series is not as protective as the 95 series protective masks.

The European Standards FFP series 2 basically corresponds to 95% efficiency and FFP Series 3 corresponds to 99% more efficient than the 95% protective masks. The letter “V” in the end indicates that there is a breathing valve on the protective mask such as the N95 8210V protective masks.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of the various national standard protective masks along with the N95 and KN95 protective masks. The actual effects are similar, there is no argument on which one is better. Covid-19 Corona Virus can be controlled with all kinds of standardized protective masks.

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