Step by step guide to hand waxing at home

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Using the right technique and tools can help you in removing the hairs from your hands easily at home. Waxing your hands at home can reduce your salon expense and you can also achieve professional results at home easily. Here is the step by step guide for DIY hand waxing:

What will you need?

  1. Wet and dry towels
  2. Baby powder
  3. Hair removal wax strips
  4. Aloe vera gel 
  5. A hand towel

How to prepare for waxing?

  1. Before waxing, use your wax strips in a small area and wait till 24 hours to check if you have allergy with the product. After testing, you are ready to go ahead and use the waxing strips.
  2. Make sure that you clean and dry the area to be waxed thoroughly. A wet towel is needed to remove the dirt and excessive oil from the skin of yourhands. Dry the area by using a dry towel, which is important for optimal results. 
  3. After cleaning the area, apply a layer of baby powder which will soak any extra moisture and allow the wax to stick better on the hairs. Using a baby powder can significantly reduce the discomfort caused by waxing. 

How to do waxing?

  1. For a full-arm waxing, always start waxing from shoulder and then make your way down to wrists and hands. 
  2. Take a wax strip and rub it with your hands to warm the wax a bit. Peel off the wax strips and apply it on the skin giving pressure in the direction of the hair growth. 
  3. Now, remove the wax strip quickly going against the direction of the hair growth. Remember to pull the strips backward instead of outwards. This will remove the hairs from their roots and will minimize the chances of ingrown hairs. 
  4. Keep repeating the procedure down the arm and move to the other hand.
  5. Once you are finished waxing, apply Aloe Vera gel on the area to soothe the freshly waxed skin. 

Important tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the skin as tight as possible to make the waxing painless and effective. 
  2. The skin you are doing waxing should be completely dry and clean.
  3. Avoid waxing burn and injuries to the skin.
  4. Exfoliate your skin a day before your waxing. This will reduce the chances of bumps and redness post-waxing.

Post-waxing care:

  1. Once your arms are waxed, remove any sticky residue with a wet towel. Don’t miss to apply a good body lotion or aloe vera gel on the skin after waxing.
  2. Avoid getting tan for a few days after waxing.
  3. Wear loose clothing.
  4. Avoid sweating by not engaging in activities such as exercising. 

Waxing leaves your skin hair-free for up to eight weeks. With regular waxing, hair growth will reduce significantly. It’s now time to enjoy your smooth, sexy, and hair-free arms!

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