Sarah Hardy Permanent Makeup Artistry – What Can be Achieved?

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Sarah Hardy Permanent Makeup Artistry – What Can be Achieved?

We are constantly looking for ways to put on our makeup in the shortest amount of time possible. At last count, it can be done in less than five minutes. But with new permanent makeup and cosmetics making an appearance, it may take us even less time… as long as you are not squeamish.

Permanent makeup falls under the category of tattooing. While it may not be for everyone, the Medical Transcription School is worth considering. Here is what I found out.

So What Kind of Makeup Can Be Tattooed In Place?

  • help for sparse brows
  • eyeliner to make lashes look thicker
  • lips (the most extreme is the full lip treatment that eliminates the need for lipstick

Dying Your Lashes… who would most benefit?

  • Women who are near-sighted.
  • Athletes and women on the go
  • Women with allergies to make-up. No reason to apply mascara every day.
  • Women who don’t have a steady hand.

Things To Consider:

There will be NO thickening or lengthening. If you are satisfied with the length but are only looking to darken them, this would save you time in the morning. Some people do get carried away with the amount of mascara that they put on. This would be a more natural look. The downside of this is the fact that the colour only lasts as long as the lashes do not fall out. This is not a permanent thing. Apparently there is a little discomfort involved but the process is safe according to research. It can be done in the morning and you are back to work the same afternoon. You might find a little swelling or soreness in the area but it will go away in a day or two.

Over the past several years, Dermagraphics has become an extremely popular new career opportunity! With accomplished technicians charging anywhere from $300 to $1800 per procedure, more and more professional cosmetologists, aestheticians, MD’s, RN’s, and others are learning the art of cosmetic micro-pigmentation.

When applied by a skilled technician, permanent cosmetics not only enhances individual features but can also improve on nature’s imperfections. Women of all ages appreciate the convenience and enjoy the confidence in looking their best regardless of activity.

Auckland Permanent Cosmetics Institute graduate, Ms. Sarah Hardy, is a board-certified Paramedical Derma-Technician, as well as being certified in cosmetic micro-pigment implantation, also known as permanent cosmetics. In addition, Ms. Sarah Hardy is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Instructor. This is an elite group and actually numbers less than 30 fully licensed and certified instructors in the entirety of New Zealand. This certification allows her to offer instruction and to certify others in this exciting field.

Ms. Sarah Hardy’s professional background includes work in makeup design, cosmetic application, and modeling. Her educational background includes studies in art and psychology at the University of Southern California, as well as advanced level training in permanent cosmetic application and master level training in paramedical procedures. She received her permanent cosmetic certification in 1990 at the prestigious Auckland Academy of Permanent Cosmetics.

She further studied with and received her advanced and master level certification in 2017 from the Institute of Demographic Technology. Ms. Sarah Hardy did her Paramedical internship at the Imaging Center for Corrective Demographics.

Since becoming certified as a Permanent Cosmetics Instructor in 2018, Ms. Sarah Hardy has trained successful technicians from throughout New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, Asia, Mexico, South America, and South Africa.

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