Punk Outfits for the Rebel Inside You

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The Ramones have passed away and CBGB’s was shuttered a couple of years ago, but punk—fashion-wise at least—is still going strong. The punk influence in clothes this season is, ironically, sort of subtle. But when you add up the splashes of neon bright colours, body-conscious dresses, and zipper and stud-embellished accessories spotted on the Luella, House of Holland, and Gucci runways, the result is a very wearable punky/new wave style. If you wonder if you’re doing this pretty punk right, just ask yourself, “What would Debbie Harry do?” and let her late seventies look act as your guide. We promise she won’t let you down!

American Eagle Outfitters Thin Rivet Belt ($24.50)

One clothing requirement for any dutiful punk is that something on their person must be studded (be it a belt, bracelet, or body part). House of Holland took this punk adornment to an Haute level when they used gorgeous Mulberry bags on their spring runway. The bags were embellished with studs like the ones found on this ultra-affordable rivet belt from AE. While black is the de rigueur choice, we like the unexpectedness of the chalk colour.

House of Holland One Trick Pony Kate Moss T-Shirt ($100)

Speaking of HOH, we’re still highly amused by the genius silly slogans t-shirts. The highlighter colours and insouciant phrases convey that great, rude attitude associated with punk. Don’t tell anyone, but they look great with Gucci sunglasses.

Ted Baker T-Bar Block Heel Buckle Sandal ($130)

There’s something slick and sexy about black patent leather, especially when it’s shown on a tough heel. The metal buckles and graphic black and white just make them even better. Okay, so maybe Debbie Harry didn’t wear shoes like this circa ’78, but we bet she’d approve of their arrogant hotness.

LnA Zipper Leggings ($110)

Apparently the good people at LnA weren’t satisfied with merely creating some of the world’s best t-shirts and tank tops. No no, they had to also give us these super-fresh ankle-zip leggings in a gaggle of colours. The pink—called Flamingo, naturally—particularly rocks.

Topshop Unique Sporty Two-Strap Sandal ($170)

We could completely imagine these blue sandals strapped around some delicate ankle, making their way into Max’s Kansas City to watch Johnny Thunders perform.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Yellow Fever Polish ($18)

This youthful, bratty, look-at-me shade of polish is perfect for your pop-punk digits.

Divided by H&M; Tiger Striped Tank Stretch Dress ($14.90)

As archival photographs attest; punk power style icons weren’t afraid of showing off their bodies. We’re not suggesting that you run out and go nuts with the spandex, but a body-con dress, like this grey and black tiger-striped one from H&M;, is a cool piece to have in your wardrobe.

Forever 21 Geometric Scarf ($7.80)

If you want just a touch of the New Wave to look, a geometric print scarf in lime green and black will do the trick. It’s not too in your face and it will add a jolt of style to an otherwise basic outfit.

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