5 Short Hair Problems And How To Solve Them

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Going out on a date means you have to have a top-notch layering game. You could have sneaker box fresh and clothes on point; all is in vain if your hair won’t match your style. A simple visit to the barber does not necessarily make the problem go away, though. It would be best if you had the right tools to place the wildest manes into a fine line. To know more about short hair problems and fixes, we have categorized them into two groups: male and female.

5 Men’s short hair problems and their fixes

A cowlick

Cowlicks can be a massive problem for men with short hair. Swirls of hair that are growing against the direction you want can pose a huge problem. These swirls can create a cow’s tongue imprint and stick up when every hair lies flat. Swirls can appear anywhere and can leave a taunting image on your hair.

The Cowlick fix

It would be helpful if you choose the right hairstyle that embraces the natural direction of your hair. For those whose cowlicks stick from the back of the head, you can sweep the hair in that direction. It will all depend on where your cowlick is situated. Make sure to ask the barber to keep more length of the cowlick located at the crown.

Overgrown crown

Some men tend to have hair, which tends to grow quicker than the rest, which is annoying at times. This can be a huge problem for men who want to pull out a slicked-back style. Rogue hairs can also stick out and ruin your look. Having an overgrown crown is one of the many problems men face.

The overgrown crown fix

You can take advantage of your crown’s growth speed and ensure you taper towards the back. If the front section of your hair is growing at a faster rate, ask the barber to leave it longer when cutting. The barber should gradually go down to shorter lengths, which will leave you looking even all over.  

Patchy Beard

Short hair problems are not limited to the top of your head. Some people may have genes that give a patchy beard. The answer to this problem is using a disguise. The hair growth pattern is hardwired in men’s DNA, and the remedy of patchiness is available.

Fix to a patchy beard

The first step to take in fixing a patchy beard is letting it grow while resisting the urge to trim it. You should wait for at least six weeks before touching a razor. It enables you to see the direction of hair growth as well as areas where the patchy spots have camped. The last step is to trim your cheek and jawline to keep things tidy.

Thinning Hair

As men hit the age of 30, losses in things like testosterone, skin elasticity, and hair are seen. At the age of 50, male pattern baldness will have affected a vast number of men. However, if you only have thin or thinning hair, then there are still workarounds for that.

Fix to thinning hair

Considering a different hair cut is the logic answer. For thinning hair, try out a textured and shorter style to help maximize volume. By doing so, you create the illusion of thickness. Make sure to avoid hair products that cause strands to stick together. Matte finishes are best for achieving this as they make the hair appear fuller.

Widow’s peak

This is a V-shaped hairline pattern, where the hairline is higher up at the sides of the temple and comes down near the centre. The widow’s peak is naturally occurring and can also happen when the hairline starts to recede. This is unavoidable to some men, and it’s possible to use hair transplants or oral medications to hide this problem.

Widow’s peak fix

Even the best barber will tell you that shaving the widow peak off is not the right answer. An excellent remedy is to have side partings with shaping at the front to help increase the volume in the fringe.

5 Women short hair problems and their fixes

Brushing your hair

Did you know that brushing causes next-level poof?

The fix

You should add a small amount of spray that helps seal the cuticles and keeps the hair together. Make sure to start your brushing underneath your hair as opposed to the top. This helps to avoid crunchy looking strands.

Hair that’s never fully dry

Some women look like they are fresh out of the shower even when it’s not necessarily the case. There are some women whose hair is a little wet hours after coming out of the shower.

Hair never drying fixes

A good idea is to shower at night and not less than 30 minutes before going to bed. Make sure to let your hair dry overnight. In the morning, you will not look like you were caught in a rainstorm.

Heat Damage

Short-haired women face heat damage due to the length of follicles. 

Heat damage fixes

What you need to do is protect your hair. Make sure to go for products that hold the hair in place.

Ponytail problems

Women fall in love with their short hair until the time comes to put their hair in a messy bun. It isn’t very easy for women with short hair to put on a ponytail

Ponytail fixes

It requires a little bit of strategy to pull off a ponytail with short hair. Make sure to follow the guidelines or visit a stylist.

Thinning razors and shears

Women should, at all times, be careful of layers. Layers can hurt as much as they help. Some of the tools used when chomping leaves hair damaged and frizzier.

Thinning razors and shears fixes

Please get a new hairstylist or talk to the one you have and urge them to get perfect thinning shears. Make sure your stylist uses a different method to thin out the hair. The stylist should ensure they don’t scrape your hair shaft too much.

For those with short hair, it means continually keeping it trimmed. Embrace what you’ve got and run with it. You should also eat well; healthy hair growth starts with a balanced diet. Include biotin in your diet derived from natural sources such as avocados and eggs. Make sure to have foods containing niacin, which helps prevent hair from becoming brittle.

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