Things to know before getting Cocoon Wellness Pod Session

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Keep trying new things is always fun, right. But when it comes to any beauty treatment, our thoughts are often clouded with doubts and skepticism. When looking for spa treatments, you might have come across an infrared cocoon wellness pod. This infrared treatment has become a hit amongst people, with many cocoon salon Virginia Beach emerging.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod looks everything like a futuristic gadget that comes with tons of health benefits.

Studies and research on infrared radiation have shown that infrared light penetrates the skin deeply and promotes therapeutic effects. The Cocoon Wellness Pod uses infrared light to offer a wide range of benefits.

If you are going for a cocoon wellness pod therapy, there are certain things you should know. This blog has highlighted some essential aspects of cocoon wellness pod therapy that one should know about.

What is Cocoon Wellness Pod?

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is a one-of-its-kind whole body rejuvenation system. The cocoon pod is a traditional sauna turned into a modern-detox-spa-pod. The system offers total body relaxation through its dual wave vibration massage and aromatherapy. One can relax and revitalize their body and mind with just one session. Besides experiencing the ultimate relaxation, the Cocoon wellness pod also promotes weight loss by burning calories. It also helps in soothing muscle pain and accelerates recovery.

How does Cocoon Wellness work?

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is made of an ergonomic bed and a lid. One can comfortably lay back on the bed and enjoy a vibrating massage. The temperature inside the capsule is warm and aromatic. There are knobs and dials to adjust the vibration of the massage system and control the temperature. The synchronized dual vibration wave ensures your entire body gets a proper massage, and you feel ultimate relaxation.

For how long will I have to be inside the cocoon pod?

One can enjoy a 30 minute and 60-minute Cocoon Wellness Pod session. In a 30 minute session, you will be spending 20 minutes inside the pod. Similarly, in a 60 minutes session, you can spend 40 minutes inside the system. The remaining time is allocated for setting up the system and other preparations.

Are there any suggestions for first-time users of the Cocoon Wellness Pod?

If you are visiting tanning salons in Virginia Beach for cocoon therapy for the first time, there are certain things to keep in mind. First-timers should usually select a low-temperature setting and go for light intensity massage. As you start using the cocoon detox pod more regularly, you can increase the temperature and massage intensity.

How should I prepare for Cocoon Wellness Pod Session?

The best thing about Cocoon detox spa therapy is that you don’t need any preparation. All you need to do is head to the cocoon salon with a large towel to lie on and a water bottle to hydrate yourself after the session. Just remember to keep your body hydrated throughout by drinking a lot of water and fluid.

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