5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Banish Bad Skin Days Forever

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Bad skin days are often simultaneous with those shitty days where life feels like it’s burying you and you just don’t want to get out of bed.  Simple steps like eating and sleeping right can help make everything better – from the skin all the way in. From the wonderful glam girls at Doll Beauty, here are 5 things you can do right now to banish those bad skin days forever…

  1. Diet changes can make a difference

Just as eating too much of the wrong thing can make you gain weight or feel sick, it can affect your skin too.  Having a better diet can have an immediate impact on the way your skin looks, not to mention your mental state. Rather than eliminating the bad stuff from your diet, why not start by adding some goodies to begin with?  That way you won’t feel as though you are depriving yourself and, as your body starts to take advantage of the extra nutrients you are feeding it, it may naturally stop craving the bad stuff. Tomatoes, oatmeal (two amazing superfoods) plus plenty of water are a good start.  If you are going to have chocolate, swap milk for dark chocolate and you’ll see real benefits.  A cup of coffee, or better yet super fresh oolong tea for breakfast, is also a good start to the day.  Have a kiwi fruit if you need a snack, as it stimulates collagen production which helps the skin.

Ultimately you want to aim for a healthy diet, rich in whole foods.  Skip the big supermarkets as much as possible, start to visit your local farmers’ markets for the fresh stuff, including fruit, vegetables, and meat, and go to your health food store for the staples.

  1. Supplements give you a boost

Although diet is essential to wellbeing, it’s not realistic to expect it to overcome a shortfall all by itself.  If you have a nutrient deficiency it can affect your skin’s condition.  While the above foods and drinks can provide a timely top-up, it may be that you need to supplement vitamins too.  Vitamin D can make a huge difference.  So, too, can supplementing collagen.  Mix the latter into your tea or coffee, to speed absorption.  Or try supplements which are infused with pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

  1. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can have profound and lasting effects on your skin, believe me I know this!  I have two young boys, a 4 and 1 year old.  Bless them, they’re terrible sleepers. By not getting a good night’s sleep, you lose the ability to repair damaged cells and produce new ones to replace the dead ones.  You’ll also experience an imbalance in the skin’s pH.  Give your brain, body and skin a running chance by getting good quality sleep.  Make the room as dark as possible, avoid your phone before bed (in fact leave it on the floor overnight, not on your bedside table) and sleep on silk pillowcases.  These have been shown to have beneficial effects on facial skin.

  1. Meditate

It can sometimes be difficult in our busy lives, but it’s very important to give yourself a little “time out” and relax.  Meditation is so important.  It will raise your vibration, so your day flows better, you feel more grounded and you start to attract more positive things into life (things which are vibrating at a higher level like you are).

  1. Support your emotional needs with essential oils

It may seem obvious but maintaining a good skincare routine will carry you through those dark days a lot better than if you don’t take care of it daily.  Ensure you cleanse it every night with high-quality products full of nutrient-dense active ingredients that are formulated to suit your skin type.  Hydrate morning and night and avoid toxic, conventional products as much as possible.  Oh and of course, don’t forget appropriate sun protection.

We all have bad days, and when everything comes together to make them feel worse it can feel like we’re being buried. But eating and sleeping right will make everything better – from the skin all the way in.

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